Borneo Orangutan Tours

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Spread across the countries of Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia, Borneo is a massive island known for its beautiful natural sceneries and wildlife. Their rainforests have not been touched by external sources yet and they are some of the oldest grown jungles in the world. Inside these jungles, national parks have been established to preserve the nature and wildlife that is housed in it and because of this nature and wildlife lovers can now visit without disturbing the peace. Due to the many tours offered in this island, you can now enjoy a trip to Borneo completely fuss free and fun filled.

The world’s third largest island surrounded by the South China Sea in the north, Java Sea in the south and Celebes Sea in the east, Borneo is home to expansive jungles, rain forest, rivers, beaches and national parks that people can’t get enough of.

You can’t have a complete experience in Borneo if you don’t go on an Orangutan Tour and have fun seeing these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. If you want to see different species and other wildlife like the Asian elephant, clouded leopard, Sumatran rhinoceros, proboscis monkey then you should definitely visit sanctuaries and national parks in the island.

Apart from the organutans there are just so many other wildlife to see in the Borneo safari, furthermore they have amazing places where you can hike and enjoy nature at its purest form. Now is your chance to enjoy the beautiful animals including sea eagles, macaques, hornbills, elephants, monkeys and egrets. The tour will let you witness the monkeys in their natural habitat, jumping and climbing trees and jumping into the rivers. According to other tourist who have seen the monkeys in action, they are seen jumping into rivers 20 meters above the waters and can swim agilely to the riverbank with their webbed digits to avoid the many crocodiles in the river.

Is it Safe to Travel Here?

Many people who are not from Asia are quite hesitant to visit Borneo because they see it as unsafe, but contrary to their belief, it is actually one of the best and safest places to travel in South East Asia. There is so much diversity in this island and the people residing in it are all friendly and very helpful.

There are just so many things to witness in the island that you simply cannot miss out on. And thanks to more accessible and more affordable Tour TanjungPuting and vacation packages available, you can enjoy all of it without having to worry too much about getting around on of the most beautiful islands in the world on your own. Adventure, natural sceneries, wildlife and responsible ecotourism are all waiting for you in the beautiful island of Borneo so do not miss out on this opportunity. Check out this website at and learn more about touring.


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